3D printed vascularized tissue scaffold with extracellular matrix triggered growth factor release

Case ID: 016-006-Zhang

­Vas-Scaf” is a 3D bio-printed vascularized bone scaffold perfused with osteogenic and angiogenic growth factors. Artificial bone grafts lacking vascularization fail due to poor integration of new tissues with the host and death of interior bone tissues. Bone and blood vessel tissues require different support structures and different biochemical stimuli to support tissue growth and differentiation. “Vas-Scaf” regulates osteogenesis and angiogenesis through growth factors BMP-2 and VEGF, respectively, with both immobilized in their specific regions of the scaffold.

“Vas-Scaf” fabrication starts with a nano-coating to enable the delivery of BMP-2 and VEGF at specified places and times. This nano-coating selectively releases the two growth factors  when in the presence of extracellular matrix enzymes, thereby delivering stimuli at the appropriate time.

The integration of a strong 3D-printed scaffold with features designed for bone and vascular growth with immobilization of tissue-specific biochemically-released growth factors in each feature can create an ideal bone graft. 


Bone defect reconstruction


1. Large scale bone defect reconstruction through vascularization

2. Lowered risk of necrosis

3. Fine spatial control of multiple growth factor placement

Patent Information:

Title App Type Country Patent No. File Date Issued Date Patent Status
Smart release system for growth factor delivery and combined bone and vascular growth US Utility United States 10,688,223 7/14/2017 6/23/2020 Issued

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